An adventurous installation of fresh artworks from the HKU Fine Art studio’s

The arena is a place of spectacle: stomping ground of gladiator fights and chariot racing. A stage for idols and misfits, where differences are magnified and the audience expects to be comforted and entertained. Chacun joue son rôle.

ARENA emerged from an ingenious brainwave of a group of ambitious students of HKU Fine Art. In the last two years these up-and-coming artists worked together in various formations on collective projects like, among others, two music albums, a few exhibitions, a boxing tournament and a pirate movie. For their show at AG they tap into their shared, largely spontaneous energy to create an adventure, staging and contrasting their individual works in an installation-like setting. Expect some spectacular duelling between paintings, videoworks, sculptures and more.

Siem de Boer, Sjoerd van der Heyden, Benjamin Pompe, Pepi Schikowski, Sam Tromp and Lisanne de Witt

Nov. 27 – Dec. 18, 13:00 – 17:00h
(Please wear a face mask while visiting)

Friday Nov. 26 17:00h
(With corona check)