In Between Us

12 students of HKU Fine Art and HKU Photography reflect on the theme of this years Impakt Festival: Speculative Interfaces

An interface is a point where two systems meet. A selected group of MFA and BFA students (Fine Art and Photography) of the HKU delve into what is narrated and translated to us when we interact with technology. Which strategies are employed and how do they define our own narrative; shape our relationships, influence our political preferences, our wants and needs, our physical and mental health.

Esmée Bruins, Temo Dou, Charli Herrington, Ioannis Kouzapas, Sol Enae Lee, Dagmar Lutjenhuis, Josette Oegema, Franka Ordeman, Agnieszka Tomsia, Samuel Veenstra, Sonia Verdiesen, MC Julie Yu