Longing, Belonging

Narrating a Space In & Through the Experiences of a City

The starting point for the MaHKU student exhibition is the ways we experience a city  understood as the cities we live in and the cities we come from and, not to forget, the cities we pass by and the cities that we dream about. It is a city not only as mental and physical reality but also a city as an endless potentiality for shaping and making the social imagination of what is a city and how we live in it.

With Longing, Belonging the focus is both on where the participating students come from and at the same time how they cope  using spatial imagination in their current sites and situations. It is a constellation that brings together 8 participants from four different continents.

What they all share is the experiences in and through the city of Utrecht. It is a research process that asks and wonders: how are you in the place where you are? And: what do you do with it? These experiences are connected to the past, present and the future horizons of narrating a space. This specifically constructed space is the Academiegalerie. A site for which the participants have produced a series of works as narrative and spatial interventions.

These are interventions as experiences that have gone through the principle of three T’s: experiences that are transformed, translated and transmitted. They become works of art that come about and bring together a combined sensitivity and sensibility of how we both make and are made by the cities that we live in and at. It is a series of acts in works of art that go through the emotions in motions of being-for and being-with.

Jai Young Cho, Efrat Gal, Ceemin Golshan, Ji Hyun Kim, Hyemin Kim, Joyce Overheul, Enrico Piras, Sarah Stein.

Curator Mika Hannula