Recording Ghosts & Weaving Data

IMPAKT Festival 2017: 8 students HKU Fine Art and HKU Media

In this exhibition eight students from HKU Fine Arts and HKU Media present their works, responding to this years theme of the Impakt Festival: Haunted Machines & Wicked Problems. Initiated by a seminar in June, the participants worked on their interpretations of what it means for young aspiring artists to deal with modern day rituals and magical approaches to technical processes. For most of the students Recording Ghosts & Weaving Data marks their first experience with contributing to an exhibition. The result is a number of very diverse pieces, ranging from installations and video to performances, showcasing their ideas about the intertwinement of technology, magic and mysticism.

Megan Auður, Erin Dekker, Reinier van Duijn, Evita Feltsadas, Zina Pusep, Jan Reuser & Thessa Torsing, Sophie Charlotte Richardson

Curated by Anika Schwarzlose