22.03 & 05.04.2024

Two evenings with live performances by students, teachers & alumni of HKU Fine Art and guests

Initiated and organized by HKU Fine Arts students, in collaboration with teachers and other professional artists, RUMBLE is a two-night live performance event. RUMBLE is the follow up of Halfpastoe, a multidisciplinary art event at Pastoe Fabriek which took place in February. Students successfully turned the ground floor of this HKU location into an adventurous performative space, illustrating how emerging artists value the live performance. As an art-form it offers a way to directly engage with social reality, the specifics of space and/or the politics of identity.

For RUMBLE you are invited to join in a new collective performance experiment in AG. On both evenings you are welcome at 17:00h to walk in and be immersed into the unpredictable world of performance.

Art as a verb, rather than a noun.
We try, therefore we perform.
What element of performance art is rumbling you?
Body? Movement? Space? Time? Sound? Presence? Interaction?
Would you ever expect:
A radical post-science experimentation lab?
A political debate?
A singing floor, laminated?
A happy hour, drinking while being jet lagged?
A post-truth, meta-modern punk concert?
A pair of legs,
who knows where they are coming from?

More to expect!

Participating artists Episode 1 / Friday 22.03 Rowan de Beaufort, Siem de Boer, Fons van den Boogaard, Lulu Chiadmi, Enzo Davide, Puck Dekker, Daan Donkers, Milan Fine, Willum Geerts, Ate Von Hes, Oscar Hilarius, Guus Holtman, Job Ketelaar, Frank Koolen, Luna van der Linde, Simone Schuffelen, Pargol Tavakoli Shirazi

Participating artists Episode 2 / Friday 05.04 Bob de Bell, Dimphy Claessens, Travis Geertruida, Harm Hajonides van der Meulen, Lina de Koning, Hannah Konings, Polly Kunst, Ana Navas, Luuk Roelofsen, Jill Temming, Yingtong Zhou

Curators Puck Dekker, Lina de Koning & Yingtong Zhou

Walk-in on both evenings 17:00 until 17:30h. After 17:30h the door will only open during the breaks. The programs will end around 19:15h.