S T A R M A P, E P I C / E N T E R

In this episode of the Apprentice/Master series, initiated by Kunstpodium T, Willum Geerts, artist and lecturer at HKU in Utrecht, meets six students from the art schools of Brussels, Enschede, Hasselt, and Tilburg. Together they prepared a presentation of their work in the Academiegalerie:

“Seven artists with various backgrounds, working in various media and who never met before, are brought together as a coincidence by chance. For five days they will collaborate, share, eat, drink, laugh, be silent, think and act within the safe haven of the Academiegalerie. The exhibition S T A R M A P , E P I C / E N T E R (an anagram of the project title Apprentice/Master) will be the result of this accidental collision, fusing and juxtaposing the different visions, curiosities and opinions of these individual minds, showing the power of imagination is of paramount importance in the present fucked up state of our society.”

Willum Geerts – Utrecht
Lisse Declercq – Hasselt
Jennifer De Graaff – Enschede
Susan Meijburg – Tilburg
Brigitte Wendrickx – Hasselt
Kim van Laanen – Tilburg
Julien Auregan – Brussels