Tricking the Everyday

An exhibition of 12 artists one year after graduating at maHKU Fine Art

How to make sense of the art world outside the academic sphere? This show presents a group of artists that find themselves in a time and a space where the ‘strong expectations of research trajectories’ that once were encouraged while pursuing their studies seem to take a different direction shaped by their current reality. All of the exhibitors received their master’s degree in Fine Art after studying at the Utrecht Graduate School of Visual Art and Design (maHKU) last year. The works presented in the show aim to reveal how they venture to make sense of this reality, of their everyday life. They are dealing with quotidian issues that anyone can relate to. Artists or not, people cope daily with hope, joy, worries and dreams, but artists offer an alternative way of addressing the everyday through their work.

Juliana Azevedo, Paul Buchanan, Everdien Breken, Despina Demertzi, Ingrid Edwards, Fariborz Farid, Chrysoula Korovesi, Panagoitis Kovanis, Carlos Monroy, Laura Pardo, Evi Renieri, Leonardo Vargas

Curated by Everdien Breken & Laura Pardo